Please follow the instructions below to properly fill out your application.

If you use the option to download the app and fill it out with a pen, you can then either scan it and send back to us, or take pics of it with your phone and send over to

If you take pics, make sure we can read everything.

Requirements to run the background check include:

​NOTE: We have to have all 3 of the mentioned below before we can begin processing you for the background check

Color copy or picture of social security card

Color copy or picture of your driver's license
A clear picture from the shoulders up on a white solid background this will be your badge picture

Fill out an application using instructions below
*If no social security card available: you may send any of the following:
- W-2 form 2014 (within last 2 years) income tax filling
- Recent pay stub indicating your name address and SS number
-1099 form

Please upload your Social Security verification, badge picture, as well as Driver's License here, or you can email them to us at 

You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to fill out the application.  The easiest way is with a computer